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New additions to detailing kit

New additions to detailing kit

I have been wanting to try out some new methods and gadgets to help with my car detailing hobby.  In 2022, I added a Greenworks 1600 psi pressure washer and an MJJC V2  foam cannon to my arsenal and it has been a very rewarding experience that I wish I would have tried years ago.

Greenworks 1600 PSI power washer

I bought this unit on sale on Amazon for $89.  It seems to be perfect for car washing since it maxes out at 1600 psi, which is plenty for light-duty cleaning, which car washing really is.  The unit is small and quite portable but there were two things I didn’t like about it right out of the box.  First, the hose it ships with is too stiff and gets kinked easily.  It is also very hard to coil back up for storage because it gets so twisted.  Second, the unit tips over easily.  That isn’t as big of an issue as the hose is since it works fine vertical for horizontal.  It is more annoying than anything.  I did end up ditching the stock hose and upgraded to a 25′ green Flexzilla hose and that really improved the experience.  It is long enough to get the car clean front to back yet still short enough to be able to recoil it easily and store the unit without it tipping over from the weight of the hose.

Foam Cannon

I tried the Amazon Basics foam cannon first since I am frugal.  Big mistake.  Even with a 1.1mm orifice, it was a big failure in generating appreciable foam.  It was no better than a hose-end sprayer in my opinion.  I sent that back and proceeded to buy the MJJC foam cannon due to positive reviews on Youtube.  The unit shipped with a 1.1mm orifice already installed and I was pleasantly surprised on the very first use.  Using the exact same soap (Chemical Guys Snow Foam) in the same amount, the MJJC laid it on thick like shaving cream and I couldn’t see the paint underneath.  I highly recommend this cannon to anyone who is interested in going down that road.  Is it necessary to wash a car?  No.  You can still go about this with the traditional two-bucket method, but the foam cannon makes things fun.  I usually soap the whole car down first and let it sit for a few minutes so it can drag contaminants down with it.  I rinse the car off and then soap it back up a panel at a time, hand washing it with a bucket of clean water (with a dirt trap at the bottom).  It takes a while to do it this way, but you end up with a supreme clean that is somehow rewarding.  There is just something about seeing all of that soap do the work that makes it fun.

My Current Go-To Items in my wash/detailing kit: