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Soler Performance 91mm throttle body

Soler Performance 91mm throttle body

I installed the Soler Performance 91mm throttle body today. It is a pretty simple job, only needing a 10mm socket and 15 minutes at most. Of course, I had to wrestle with the cold air kit again, but this time it was a a little easier. The old throttle body popped off easily and I replaced the unit with the Soler model.

I started it up and let it idle for 3 minutes and then let it rest for 1 minute. I repeated the process again and then set out on my learning cycle drive as the instructions called for. It went ok for about 20 miles of regular city driving until the ECM called a code and put it into limp home mode. It was quite an experience, to say the least. if you have never experienced Chevy limp home mode, it is surprising and violent. I felt like the car was going to shake the body panels off the car and that the torque tube was bent.

I consulted Soler Performance, and their customer service was amazing. We went through everything and I was advised to try the learning cycle again. I did this but set a CEL again after only 5 miles or so. I called them back and I was advised to send the unit in and they would make it right. I don’t know what it is, but my Stingray just hates this thing. I ended up putting the stock throttle body back on and it has been fine with that one. I will say that the car runs better WITH the Soler, with smooth throttle response and more linear graduation into acceleration.

Stay tuned for the replacement unit and the outcome.