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Summer updates

It has been a really weird spring and early summer season.  There have been so many bad weather days that I have only been able to drive the car about 400 miles this year and that is driving it as much as I can.  Now we are hitting mid July and instead of rain we are getting high heat and humidity which doesn’t end up being an enjoyable ride.  I still have the top down 98% of the time but there are times where AC would be nice.

The car continues to run well although I need to address the torque on the wheel bearings because I am still getting that annoying ping when taking off.  I had already taken care of big maintenance items with fluids so I am actually sitting really good right now.  This should just end up being a season of driving and maintaining the aesthetics to a high level as usual.  Other than that, nothing new going on.  My 14 year old son did learn how to drive a stick in the school parking lot after he had some learner’s permit miles under his belt in an automatic.  It will be a while before we hit a public street in the S2000 but he did well!