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System X Renew Ceramic Spray Coating

System X Renew Ceramic Spray Coating

I decided to try this new and expensive ceramic coating. It received good reviews on Amazon, but questionable reviews on the Corvette forum I visit. I am willing to give anything a try, so I ordered a small 8oz bottle of the product since I just wanted to try it and not be out much if it isn’t as advertised.

To start off, I washed the car thoroughly with my usual Meguiars Gold Class wash and my foam cannon. I went over it with a fine detailing brush to make sure everything was touched on the car. Next, I sprayed each panel with soapy water and used my Meguiars Speed Clay bar to remove any imperfections and smooth the paint for sealing. I paid a lot of attention to each panel so I could make sure that there were no imperfections, or at least as close to it as possible.

After completing the first step, I got two microfiber cloths – one for applying the product and the other for buffing it out after it dried. I worked on one panel at a time to ensure complete coverage and to buff it out without letting it set. I found it easy to use and it sprayed the product in a fine mist, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting any of it. I liked the way it seemed to spread well so I was getting complete coverage. I could immediately tell that the surface was very slick and it looked deeper, which is hard to notice on blade silver. There was a definite difference between treated and non-treated panels, but part of that was the fact that I had stripped it back with a clay bar.

I finished the project and it looks really good. However, looking back, I probably should have applied a coat of 9H paste first and then finished it with the top coat spray. I wanted to test how long this spray would last as it claims to be effective for nine months. I later found out from others’ experiences that it doesn’t last as long, but I didn’t know that beforehand. Time will tell.

If you want to order from Amazon, here is the link.